Holland is well-known for its stong creative industry and particilarly for its trademark Dutch Design. Dutch Designers are often characterized as minimalist, experimental, innovative and humorous with an ability to see the world from different perspectives. All products under the trade label Living Dutch Design bring this inspiration to China. Selected design goods include furnitures, kitchen wear, bicycles, lighting, and kids toys.

Currently Living Dutch Design also develops a multidisciplinary exhibition to support the product label. Independent Dutch designers and design firms promote their products to an audience in China with help of an entertaining traveling pop-up exhibition. Wholesalers, retailers and investors are invited to wander around in this interactive platform.

Dutch design companies have the opportunity to promote their goods with help of this product label and by placing their goods in a shop in Chengdu. About Asia Trade focusses on the Business to Business market, but developed a concept store in Chengdu for a selection of goods as well.